LIVERY RATES from 1st December 2012AI

COMPETITION LIVERY – £36.00 per day

Competition stabled livery incudes all of the Full Livery in addition all schooling, preparation and competing of the horse by Jennie, Anne or any of the Senoir Riders

FULL OR HUNTER LIVERY – £26.00 per day

Full stabled livery includes general feed, hay or haylage, bedding (2 bales per week), mucking out, skipping out, grooming, general exercise (either riding, lunging, hacking or horse walker), turnout (weather permitting), tack cleaning, plaiting up to twice a month, clipping, trimming and attendance furing professional services (inc farrier, dentist, vet etc)

PART LIVERY – £18.50 per day

Part stabled livery includes general feed, hay or haylage, bedding (2 bales per week) mucking out, skipping out and turnout (weather permitting)

GRASS LIVERY – Summer Rate – no hay included – Mares, fillies, colts or geldings – £7.00

GRASS LIVERY – Summer Rate – no hay included – mare & foal – £8.00

GRASS LIVERY – Winter Rate – hay included – Mares, fillies, colts or geldings – £9.00


STABLED KEEP FOR BREEDING STOCK – Mares, fillies, colts or geldings – £15.00

The laundry of light rugs, boots and bandages is included in the Competition, Full & Hunter Livery price. Laundary charges will be added to the Livery Invoices and we can arrange to have heavier and bulkier rugs washed, sterilised and repaired locally which will incur additional charges.


Basic hard feed is provided but specialist feeds and supplements / additives should be provided by the owner or if ordered by Catheston for the owner will be invoiced for the products.


Exercise is included in the Competition, Full and Hunter Livery.  Exercise can either take the form of work in the school, hacking, lungeing, or time on the horse walker or a combination of the above.   The specific schooling of your horse by senior staff will incur a charge of £10 per day and schooling by International Trainer/Rider Lizzie Murray or by Jennie Loriston-Clarke will cost £25 per day.


60 x 20m Visco-Ride Indoor school with full sound system and lots of natural light with lights
60 x 25m Visco Ride outdoor school with jumps
Covered, 5 bay horse walker, with double paddles and rubber anti- slip floor
Covered Visco-Ride lunge pen with rubber kick boards
Wash box with hot / cold overhead water and porous rubber flooring
20 box American barn, large airy stables with rubber flooring throughout and automatic watering. Hay and feed mangers are accessible from central passage.
A range of traditional outdoor stabling with rubber flooring
Secure, heated tackrooms.
Rug Room
Laundry facilites
Kitchen, loos and showers.
CCTV and residential staff on call
Good off road hacking
Instruction available from resident International Dressage trainers and Elite Event Trainer
Hard standing for Lorry / trailer parking

Whilst we are happy to provide a full and comprehensive service, we also encourage owners to contribute as much or a little as they can to the welfare of their horse with the knowledge that, if time is at a premium, their horse will be taken care of or prepared for travel to competition as necessary.

Grass / Youngstock_0988798013

We have limited availability for youngstock / broodmares at Grass, with / without stable dependant on stocking densities. The fields are checked twice daily and all are within site of the main stable buildings. Hay / haylage and hard feed is fed as appropriate to compensate for climate variations.


Current Charges – Subject to VAT

Mare / Young stock Mare & Foal
Summer Grass Keep (no hay / feed) £7.00 per day £8.00 per day
Winter Grass Keep £9.00 per day £10.00 per day
Stabled £15.00 per day £16.00 per day

We have a formal contract of livery in place as we offer many different services however we do ask owners to agree to and sign the following statement which is printed on the back on the Livery booking forms.

“I leave this horse in the care and control of Catherston Stud. I give Catherston Stud the right to alter feed and turnout and or stable as deemed appropriate for the well being and relaxation of the above horse as considered necessary. Should any veterinary treatment be considered necessary, the owner’s permission will first be sought unless it is of an emergency nature when all appropriate action will be taken and the owner informed. “

A formal contract stating what constitutes full livery and also the responsibilities of both parties could be drawn up if you wish.


Owners are invoiced each calendar month, however we ask that owners pay a deposit of 4 weeks basic livery in advance to secure the box.